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These cover quality, colour management, business continuity, information security, waste, health & safety and the environment.


BCQ is committed to upholding and continually improving on the way it works in all aspects of its service and our range of certifications is testament to this.

Whilst these accreditations are important to us, they are also a mark of confidence for you, so you know everything we do is being done in a way that is recorded, measured and in accordance with best practice.

Our mailing services are fully accredited with all Royal Mail services including Mail Mark, OCR and Hi Sort.

The complete range of certifications held by BCQ are:

Information security management system

Information security
management system

Quality management system

Quality management

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Colour quality

Occupational health and safety system

Occupational health
and safety system

Business continuity management

Business continuity

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Environmental management system

Environmental management

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Working with BCQ is an absolute pleasure. They have helped us deliver a multitude of projects on a timely basis, even when deadlines have been incredibly tight.


The BCQ team met every challenge with enthusiasm and creativity that helped drive a combined online and direct mail brand awareness marketing campaign.


“The BCQ team constantly deliver fresh, creative ideas and have a good pulse on all things digital, which is critical for us. The BCQ team is a pleasure to work with.


I love it. The cover looks amazing and the colours throughout are great. The new sizes work really well and are much easier for us to handle and cost effective to post.

Downe House School